HITACHI S series premium 2.5kw cool / 3.2kw heat

HITACHI S series premium 2.5kw cool / 3.2kw heat


Hitachi wall split units can exert an almost instant effect in even the most challenging of summer or winter conditions.
While their high-speed cooling and heating capacity generates cool or warm air faster, a multi-directional auto-swing capacity makes it possible to simultaneously direct that air to the left and the right. With all corners covered, it’s easy to see why they’re so much more effective than systems that can only address one side of a room at a time.

Installation options
  • Model number - RAS - S25YHA 

    Capacity - 2.5 kW Cooling/ 3.2 kW Heating

    Frost wash self cleaning technology achieves a 91% reduction of bacteria and 87% reduction of mould in your system saving on maintenance costs while improving the indoor air quality

    Motion sense with motion detect will automatically adjust your unit to optimum settings when you leave the room saving power

    Efficient and sleek design with flexible features that provide comfort all year round.

    A contemporary solution utilising high efficiency DC inverter compressor technology.

    Programmed to run your system at a slightly reduced rate, Eco Mode help keep your power consumption to a minimum enabling you to achieve significant energy savings.

    With the newly improved seamless fan control system, Hitachi’s air conditioners assure extremely quiet and smooth fan speed changes for even more comfort.

    The filter is packed with a hybrid coating of Nano Titanium and wasabi solution which provides a powerful
    antibacterial, anti-mould, anti-allergen and deodorising effect, reducing bacteria and allergen levels by around 99% and 95% respectively.

    Powerful mode will run your system at maximum output for 20-minutes projecting airflow further and faster to cool or heat a room rapidly.

    Hitachi air conditioners can operate in outside temperatures down to as low as -15˚C and as high as 46˚C ensuring you stay comfortable when you need it.

    With 5yr warranty backed by one of Australia’s largest manufacturers Temperzone Australia
    you will always have peace of mind.

    Other Features:

    • Frost wash self cleaning technology
    • Eco motion sensor with eco detect mode
    • Nano titanium wasabi filter and Nano titanium pre filter
    • Eco Sleep mode
    • Weekly timeclock
    • Runs your system at maximum output for 20-minutes and projects airflow further and faster to cool or heat a room rapidly.
    • 4 way directional auto swing airflow
    • Leave home function
    • Power tracking display
    • Air purifying filter
  • Shipping prices start from $40 per order to your door and will be calculated and added to your order once the order has been confirmed in checkout.

    If you are opting to have your system installed by us you do not need shipping as we will bring the unit with us on the installation day.

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